What Is Bench Made Furniture?

What is Bench Made Furniture?

What Is Bench Made Furniture?

While you’re doing research to decide whether you should buy that new cabinet or cocktail table, you may come across the term “bench made.” What does this mean? The term “bench made” refers to furniture created single-handedly by one skilled craftsman. When you buy bench made furniture, it guarantees that your new piece is genuine and of the highest quality. At Western Heritage Furniture of Jerome, Arizona, we proudly use this method for all of our furniture. 

Why Should You Choose Bench Made Furniture?

When you buy bench made furniture, you’re not only buying the highest quality furniture, your purchase also helps craftsmen excel in their careers so they can continue making original, unique pieces. At Western Heritage Furniture, we appreciate our craftsmen, and when they create a piece of furniture, they own the design. 

There’s simply something special about handcrafted furniture, starting with knowing that one person made it especially for you. And when your friends ask where you got your custom piece, you can tell them it’s one of a kind!

When you place a custom order, our craftsmen follow your instructions and then enhance the piece with their skills and years of experience. They take personalization to a whole new level. Whether you want to add a specific finish to your furniture, or need it to be a certain height, we can make it according to your specifications. 

The detail on our Gathering Height Table (chairs included) demonstrates the skills and years of experience our craftsmen have, as well as their unmatched care and attention to detail. The spiral-like design with varying shapes is an excellent example of how versatile bench made furniture can be.

Bench Made Furniture vs. Production Line Furniture 

Furniture made on production lines takes a lot of people, which can be great—we always support teamwork. But when numerous people are working on different parts of the same piece, there is a higher chance of miscommunications along the way. 

Production lines are under strict time restrictions. Because they are working to meet a deadline, a production line may prioritize quantity over quality. When mass manufacturing is the priority, you’re not only compromising the quality, you’re also sacrificing originality.

When one craftsman finishes a piece of furniture, they have full control and can take their time. We like to think of the creation process of hand-crafting furniture as similar to creating a work of art. Just like any artist, our craftsmen begin each piece with a unique vision. This makes our furniture 100% genuine—a great amount of thought and effort go into every piece we create. Because we make each piece to order, we can prioritize quality and protect the environment by avoiding mass production and creating less waste. 

Bench Made Furniture in Arizona

Bench made furniture is environmentally friendly, and you can select almost every detail of your custom furniture. At Western Heritage Furniture, all of our pieces are bench made by skilled craftsmen, from materials with a history that goes back hundreds of years. Talk about one of a kind! 

Located in Jerome, Arizona, we serve many of the surrounding cities in the area, including Sedona and Phoenix. If you’d like more information on any of our products or would like to order a custom piece of bench made furniture, contact us at 800-616-1424 or send us a message today.