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All of us at Western Heritage Furniture thank you for your interest in our special furniture. Relationships with design professionals are extremely important to us.

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Western Heritage Furniture is the premier builder of hand-made reclaimed wood furniture. Located in the charming historic town of Jerome, Arizona, we maintain a small workshop that continuously crafts one-of-a-kind heirloom quality masterpieces that last generations. Our efforts to reclaim American relics and hand-craft them into functional works of art has evolved into an entire collection of unique designs and concepts that have birthed an industry and elegantly bridged the gap from the highly refined to the weathered and rustic.

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Eco –friendly, sustainable product and green ideals are all the rage today. We have been hand building furniture from reclaimed Barn wood for 22+ years. Our handcrafted and custom furniture speaks for itself, so we have good reason to be proud. Superior Designs, High-end materials and an endless variety of Custom Options are a part of what we offer. Whether you are in need of Dining, Living, Bedroom or Occasional pieces, we have it all and more some.

Western Heritage Furniture has been featured in numerous magazines and publications as well as the beautiful coffee table book, Contemporary Western Design by Thea Marx. Partner today with Western Heritage Furniture and take advantage of our discounted dealer pricing.

You and your team have exceeded expectations in every area; the quality, craftsmanship, timeline, and the logistics. Mission accomplished! My wife and I want you to know how much we’ve enjoyed our entire experience with you and the Western Heritage team.

– Ed C.

We are proud to offer the finest rustic reclaimed wood furniture in America!