Our 7 Step Process of Making Handcrafted Furniture

Handcrafted Furniture

Our 7 Step Process of Making Handcrafted Furniture

At Western Heritage Furniture in Jerome, Arizona, we specialize in handcrafted furniture that is genuine and reliable. You may be wondering, “how is handcrafted furniture made?” Today, we’re going to take you through the process of how we make our furniture step by step.

Sorting and Grading

Our process begins once a building is dismantled and we receive the boards from it. As an environmentally conscious company, we don’t mass-produce furniture but rather create pieces as new orders come in. We first sort through the boards and choose only the ones that are of the highest quality. We then put them into categories according to characteristics such as color, marks, weathering, and grain. Each piece is unique and can date back as far as the 1800s when the first European settlers harvested them. If any boards are not structurally sound we discard them—we only use the best wood pieces for our furniture. 

Selecting Wood

After we’ve selected the best boards, we move on to the selection process. In this step, we carefully choose pieces of wood that have different colors and patterns that blend well together. Unlike pieces from many large furniture companies, our wood pieces are natural in color. Whereas other companies may stain their wood to create contrast, we create contrast in our pieces by curating boards with different natural shades and colors in a strategic manner.


When it’s time to actually build our furniture, a single craftsman builds it on a workbench, meaning the furniture is bench made. We are passionate about this part of the process because it shows how much care and hard work goes into creating our furniture. When furniture is made by a single person, there is a significantly higher amount of detail. Also, when one of our craftsmen finishes a piece, they own it and get the credit they deserve. Compared to large-scale productions, bench made furniture is special because you receive a piece of furniture that a single person tailored specially for you.    


We now move on to the sanding portion of our process. In this step, we intentionally maximize the weathering the wood has experienced from wind and natural aging. This gives the wood character, giving you a piece of furniture that is smooth to the touch but still has personality. To perfect our pieces, this is the portion of the process that we spend the most time on. Our craftsmen can spend hours perfecting corners, blending edges of wood, and making sure everything is smooth.

Adding the Finish

Adding a velvety finish is the last part of our creation process. After several sessions of sanding and lacquering our pieces, we hand wax them which gives your reclaimed barn wood piece a glistening finish while keeping its rustic tones. Hand-waxing takes a lot of effort and allows us to have complete control over the way the finished product looks. You can see the variety of finishes we offer here.

Wood Inspection

Before we send off each of our pieces, we do a final inspection to make sure they are the highest quality handcrafted furniture in Arizona. If there are any changes we need to make, we apply them before we hand wrap your furniture in a blanket for delivery.

Special White Glove Delivery 

White glove delivery is the last part of our process. This means that when we finish building your one-of-a-kind piece, members of our friendly team will deliver it to your home. At Western Heritage Furniture, we take the utmost care as we deliver your furniture to you. That means carefully wrapping your furniture and riding alongside it in the truck to make sure your tailored piece arrives in perfect condition. We also help you set up your new piece of furniture wherever you’d like in your home, as well as provide tips on how to care for it. 

Artisan Furniture in Arizona

And there you have it! The step-by-step process of how we make our handcrafted furniture that is tailored just for you. Our friendly staff here at Western Heritage Furniture in Jerome, Arizona is here to help you find the perfect piece for your space. If you have any questions regarding our process or are interested in buying one of our handcrafted pieces, give us a call at 800-616-1424 or send us a message

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels