Is It a Credenza, Sideboard or a Buffet?

What Is A Credenza Used For?

Is It a Credenza, Sideboard or a Buffet?

When you’re looking for handmade furniture you can come across a lot of different terms. Have you ever searched for a credenza and seen the terms sideboard and buffet right along with it? Wondering what the difference is between a credenza, sideboard, and a buffet?  

At Western Heritage Furniture in Jerome, Arizona, we strive to help you find the perfect handmade furniture. Today we’re discussing the subtle differences between credenzas, sideboards, and buffets, so you can choose the right piece for your home.

What Is the Difference Between a Credenza, Sideboard, and a Buffet?

While this may seem like a simple question, it’s a valid one! Each of these types of furniture seems very similar, and telling the differences between them can sometimes be a bit difficult. Here’s how to distinguish the subtle details.


A credenza is a dining room piece that is mainly used for storage purposes. It’s typically used to store dishes, antique jewelry, or even special documents. You can identify a credenza by its short legs (some may have none) and long width.


Of these three pieces, sideboards are confused with credenzas the most often, because they both have short legs. However, the cabinets on sideboards go all the way down to the floor, and sideboards often have a display case. This makes sideboards a great option for an entryway table, perfect for your keys and the other things you need when you leave the house.


Just from reading the name, you can guess that buffets are used for serving food, often to a large group of people. A buffet is almost the same thing as a sideboard, but because it’s used only in the dining room, we call it a buffet. In our dining room section, you can see some of our handcrafted buffets’ distinct features. You’ll notice that they are larger and have longer, more pronounced legs. Our Custom Cattle Baron Buffet is a great choice for dinner parties and large family gatherings—you can store excess dishes while you serve your guests with ease.

How to Use a Credenza

So what is a credenza used for? Traditionally, credenzas are used for dining room storage such as dishes and silverware. The drawers in credenzas make a great storage space for antique tableware. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with using your credenza for other purposes. Here are a few ideas for using credenzas outside of the dining room.

Television Stand

You may be surprised to learn that credenzas make great tv stands. Their sturdy, rustic finish will complement your living room design while you watch the Sunday football game or a nature documentary. Our Office Credenza Cattle Baron can support any size television, and with all of its drawers, you can store remotes, cords, gaming controllers, and any other accessories.

Computer Desk or Office Desk

Western Heritage Furniture crafts unique credenzas that work exceptionally well in an office environment. Our 7-Drawer Ghostwood Office Credenza is a great option for an office or computer desk. You’ll have plenty of space to write, and enough drawers to store all of your favorite pens. This credenza is also large enough to hold the computer of your choice, whether it’s a small laptop or a large desktop monitor.

Handmade Credenzas in Jerome, Arizona

After learning about the differences between credenzas, sideboards, and buffets we hope that you can feel more confident in your furniture shopping. Handcrafted credenzas are versatile furniture pieces, and at Western Heritage Furniture we can customize them to your needs. If you have any questions or would like to purchase one of our credenzas, please contact us at 800-616-1424 or send us a message today.