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Los Griegos Tables

The Los Griegos Game Tables, one set of many of our custom game tables, is primarily made from walnut and cherry wood. The one in the center features a reversible board with checkers/chess on one side and backgammon on the other. The Western Heritage Magnetic Wand is a magnetic wand used to lift the board with no handles. Also next to it are two standalone checker top saloon tables.


This unassuming table uses a Western Heritage Magic Wand to access hidden game boards for both backgammon and checkers/chess. Easy to hide these games with a stunning book matched cherry top, this table is the perfect getaway gamer.


This table seats four and has hidden drink holders that slide out to keep your drinks away from the cards.


These are just a small sample of the options available on our online store. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, just call for custom modifications.

We have been making reclaimed barn wood furniture for over two decades now. Through the vision of our customers and our own, we have designed countless traditional, modern, and other custom projects that are essentially NOT GHOSTWOOD. In our portfolio, you will be able to see various options of our traditional Ghostwood catalog furniture, as well as a look at some of our modern, made to order, and custom designs.