When you hope to capture the cozy warmth of a western homestead, choosing the right wood for your dining room table is a critical decision. But where to start when thinking about the best wood for a dining room table, let alone one with rustic flair? If you love the look of genuine old growth but want to minimize your environmental impact, reclaimed barnwood is the right choice for you.


At Western Heritage Furniture, we always go the extra mile to seek out authentic, sustainable materials. Our Old Growth wood reclamation project redefines the term “renewable resource” by reclaiming virgin hardwood from old, deserted buildings and giving it a second life.

All across America, the abandoned barns, railcars, and farmhouses of our ancestors are either demolished or left to decay. However, we’ve made it possible to reuse the wood from these venerable buildings and bring back bygone eras through responsible inspection, sorting, grading, and selection.

Each piece of aged and weathered barnwood tells a unique story. Every crack or nail hole, every notch or axe mark speaks of American history and gives each board a character all its own. We hand-select each piece of wood so that every table we make has a completely unique pattern and authentic detail.


For a home decorator, a dining room table crafted from authentic barnwood is more than just a simple choice of wood. Anyone can choose just to use new-grown hickory, cedar, rustic cherry, or aspen for a house and pay the price for it in dollars.

Reclaimed barnwood makes a statement as a living piece of American history brought into your home. A table made from barnwood gives you the authenticity of the old frontier, and becomes the centerpiece of your family history whenever you gather around it.

Western Heritage Furniture uses only the highest quality wood to construct every piece of our growing dining table collection. When purchasing from us, you can rest assured that the dining room table you’ve chosen will continue to tell its story for decades and generations to come.


Another reason to consider barnwood as the best wood for your dining room table is its sustainability. By purchasing a dining table made of reclaimed wood, you support a nationwide woodworker initiative to support growth through sustainable methods.

There’s no need to feel concerned that using wood for your home decor might harm our national forests. When you choose reclaimed barnwood, you become part of the solution that will help support reforestation efforts, protect our nation’s heritage, and preserve the beauty of our natural resources.


When you want to infuse a rustic spark into your dining room, it’s not only about the type of wood you use. It’s also about the story that wood tells, how it oozes with an authentic scent of history at every family gathering. Located in historic Jerome, Arizona—once a booming copper-mining town of the 1800s—Western Heritage Furniture seeks to preserve our storied past. Visit us today so that we can work on bringing history to life in your home.

Photo by Terren Hurst on Unsplash