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Western Heritage Furniture

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The Desk

What started as a gimmick has ended up as a revolution. Tim McClellan’s Western Industrial Desk resembles something akin to the Cowboy spirit who created it; rough and tumble in a melting pot of opportunity, until smoothed to a fine working machine. Front DrawersAs craftsmen, we enjoy building seemingly benign pieces of furniture that transform right before your eyes. We maintain several product lines that incorporate hidden storage and undetected features, and any desk, table, bookcase, or even chair for that matter, can be altered to include secret compartments. However, this desk steals the show for technology and hidden compartments.

This exquisite Presidential Curved Desk challenges fundamentals of popular design by effectively marrying characteristically divergent styles and materials into the harmonious union, made more extraordinary by three hidden bars, pistol holders, and finger-activated scanners. Built in the old copper mining town of Jerome, Arizona, this desk combines materials representative of the complex variety of reclaimed barn woods, exotic hardwoods, unique metalwork and Western Heritage style the company has become recognized for worldwide.

The Technology

If you wish to make a big impression, this is your piece. We have incorporated many hidden drawers and compartments over the years, but we wanted to take it a step further. Using technology like fingerprint scanners, you can now rest easy knowing your most important items are locked away safe in your Western Heritage Furniture.fingerprint-scanner-2

This desk represents the biggest and best of everything. Complimented by more than five hidden compartments, the working Western Industrial Desk transforms into a fully stocked three cabinet bar with dual pistol storage. Accented by hand-stitched leather and ambient lighting throughout, the unique piece has more watering holes than the town of Jerome.

The hidden bar raises and impresses with back-lit, polished wood, finished to such smooth perfection you’ll feel you’re inside a Bentley or custom-made coach. With the bar raised from your position of power in the desk chair your view includes room for a 26” flatscreen monitor and has built in Bose speakers. The control panel of this smooth working machine has meticulously hand-forged metal handles, hand-dyed, hand-stitched leather, and the secret compartments holding your remote controls and finger-activated scanner.Open Desk Back

One swipe of a finger literally turns the workday into a celebration of success, and brings a historic concept to modern mechanistic convenience. Picture it now, John Wayne meets Mark Cuban, rugged cowboy meets high rolling banker. Picture it now, you sitting at the helm, and raising the bar.

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Western Industrial Desk Front

Western Industrial Desk

Western Industrial Desk

Western Industrial Desk

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