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Western Heritage Furniture

Western Heritage Furniture Videos

Ellen DeGeneres and Tim McClellan

Behind every piece of Western Heritage’s reclaimed barn wood furniture, lies a story that began generations ago. While photographs may capture the aesthetic features of our craftsmanship, they do not tell the story of the history or innovation. In an effort to capture these stories, and give these pieces the credit they deserve, we have made several videos that we are proud to share. Though, we also like to have fun with some of our videos every now and then, such as our Build-Off episodes!

Diamondback Dining Table

This Ghostwood dining table, designed and demonstrated by Tim McClellan, is a custom dining table with a unique feature: a hidden silverware tray underneath the leaf.

Butterfly Leaf Dining Table

Founder and Co-owner of Western Heritage Furniture, Tim McClellan introduces this beautiful hidden-Leaf, rectangular, expanding Dining Table. Made from reclaimed barn wood, this handmade table can be expanded and collapsed with ease.

Transformer Table

Transformer Table
Our brand new poker table design, it’s quite the transformation!

Expanding Round Table Time Lapse

Our expert furniture craftsman, Joe Widman, works at a blistering pace to assemble our Expanding Round Table.

Custom Desk with Popup

Custom Desk by Western Heritage Furniture with an automated hidden compartment. In this short video, we demonstrate the hidden compartment in action.

Yacht Installation

Teak expanding round table on a yacht
We customized our expanding round table to be right at home on the deck of a Yacht!

TV Pop-Up Time Lapse

TV Pop-Up
A short video to show off our space saving TV Pop-Up design!

TV Cabinet Lift

TV Lift Cabinet – 100% Barnwood from Western Heritage Furniture. Made from 100% reclaimed wood from old American barns. Handcrafted in Jerome, Arizona.

Expanding Round Table with Cherry Wood

Tim McClellan, founder and co-owner of Western Heritage Furniture, introduces this extraordinary new expanding round table. Custom made by Western Heritage Furniture, this amazing expanding round table consists of reclaimed Cherry barn wood that was procured from Johnny Cash’s lake house in Tennessee.

Expanding Round Table

This is a custom, one of a kind expanding round table with 8 “pie” shaped pieces that hide 8 leaves underneath to expand from 70″ in diameter to 85″ in diameter.


Western Heritage Teton Collection

Tim McClellan introduces some features of our uniquely intricate, and gorgeous Teton Collection! Each piece in this collection has more pieces than bones in the human body. These are truly stunning examples of the craftsmanship here at Western Heritage Furniture.

Our Story

This is a short story about our company and a little insight into what goes into making a piece of our furniture – as well as an introduction to the original (and eclectic) crew of people that, for some reason, show up here everyday.

Old Barnwood Stories with Silky Perkins

The Perkins barn had stood proudly for over 100 years in Sycamore Canyon just outside of Clarkdale, Arizona. If this barn could talk it might share the sounds of cattle lowing and most certainly the clanking of the milk pales before the hiss of warm milk.

Perkins Family Barn Take-Down

In this video we record our deconstruction of the Perkins family barn after its 100+ year life span.

Reclaimed Wood Pool Table – Part 1

Custom reclaimed wood pool table from Western Heritage Furniture. This pool table’s design is based on elements from our Teton Collection of Furniture. Inspired by the grandeur and beauty of the Teton Mountains in western Wyoming, this Teton table has a massive presence.

Reclaimed Wood Pool Table – Part 2

Custom reclaimed wood pool table from Western Heritage Furniture. In part 2 you can see how all the elements are coming together in this very unique table design. The felt is actually applied after the slate is leveled at the client’s home in Colorado.

Tim McClellan’s Build-Off Episode 1

In episode one, Tim McClellan is presented with a challenge from the crew to design and build a piece of furniture that represents his experience on Ellen’s Design Challenge. And, just like in the Ellen competition, he will have some celebrity help. Although this is mainly a parody, the challenge of building one of his most amazing pieces yet, is real. Part humor, part reality, all fun!

Tim McClellan’s Build-Off Episode 2

The second and final episode of Western Heritage Furniture’s Build-Off Challenge. After a rough first day that saw his celebrity spend more time sleeping than helping, Tim finds himself running behind schedule. In this final episode, Tim has to deal with a crisis at work, take a trip to Gold King mine to get some exquisite wood, and finish his piece in time. Also, awaiting Tim in this episode, is a surprise judge who will be deciding if Tim did enough to win this one-man-competition.