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Western Heritage Furniture

Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture

Western Heritage Furniture builds handcrafted, heirloom quality refined rustic furniture from reclaimed wood. Our process for creating fine western furniture involves restoring century-old barn wood to highlight the natural features exposed through decades of weathering. Selecting only the highest quality wood, and using traditional construction techniques, our refined rustic furnishings are built to last generations. All of our barn wood furniture is made in America.

Below you will find our reclaimed barnwood furniture collections available in fine retail locations throughout the west and mid-west. You may also contact your local interior designer or call us about custom furniture options.

>> Learn about our barn wood process

The Ghostwood Collection

Ghostwood Collection

Western Heritage coined the term Ghostwood to better describe the reclaimed barnwood used in a lion’s share of our creations. We were inspired by the ghost spirits of the pioneers who first harvested and used these timbers in the construction of the buildings that sheltered them and their livestock and the ghosts of the virgin forest from which these mighty trees were felled.

All that remains of the sprawling old growth forests that once covered this great land are the beams and boards we salvage. We reclaim these precious artifacts and repurpose the material into heirloom quality furniture pieces that will be enjoyed for generations to come; thus bringing this Ghostwood back to life.

The Signature Collection

Signature Collection

This line of exquisite furniture is design driven with a focus on extraordinary hand selected materials. We high grade our salvaged boards and cull the most intriguing and exotic ones to be set-aside for the Signature Collection. Unique to these Signature pieces are the hand forged iron bases, certificate of authenticity and that each is signed by Tim McClellan.

The Heritage Collection

Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection marries the character and beauty of reclaimed Ghostwood with hand dyed saddle leather and steel. These true western elements combined with our extreme craftsmanship makes the Heritage Collection a leading example of American made quality.

The Teton Collection

Teton Collection

Inspired by the grandeur and presence of the Teton Mountains in western Wyoming, this collection earns its name. Not only are these pieces massive and beautiful, but each one has more parts than there are bones in the human body.

The Presidential Collection

Presidential Collection

Inspired by Tim McClellan's desire to capture the true spirit of the West, the Presidential Collection embodies many aspects of America's heritage. Constructed of wood from seven species, copper, nickel, iron and leather, the Presidential embraces all that is America’s finest with historical symbolism emanating from every element, representing a metaphorical timeline.