Western Heritage Furniture

We Built A Velociraptor Case!

RapInCaseThere is never a dull moment at Western Heritage! This was evident when we were approached by an American fossil collector to build custom display case for his prized possessions. We thought our reclaimed barnwood was old…it’s not nearly as old as the velociraptor that now calls this beautiful case piece his home. Clearly one of the most unique projects we’ve ever been involved with, this display case houses the only complete Velociraptor skeleton in the United States!CleanDino

Housing an irreplaceable relic from the Late Cretaceous Era required an entirely new design, focusing on stability and security. The last thing we want is a broken velociraptor. We fabricated the cabinet with a steel superstructure, highlighted with our traditional reclaimed barnwood. The six doors and two side panels alternate between our Arroyo copper and Red Rock Rawhide leather. Alternating nailheads accent the leather band along the center, and the upper glass case perfectly frames the seventy-five million year-old dinosaur.

The case design, utilizing the steel superstructure, is a concept that we’ve been running with here at Western Heritage, as is evident with our Western Industrial Desk. With a slight modification, this design could be turned into a buffet, a dresser, a tv-popup, or even an aquarium. Dinosaur not included.