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Tim McClellan’s Furniture Build-Off!

Furniture Build-Off

The Western Heritage Furniture Build-Off is here folks! The 1st Episode of “Tim’s Western Heritage Furniture Build-off” has been released. A seventh all new challenge: to design and build a one-of-a-kind piece that captures, in its entirety, Tim McClellan’s experience on the design competition show. From concept to creation of an original masterpiece recognizing all six previous builds. His unique design will be revealed at the end of Episode 2.

Team Western Heritage truly enjoyed watching our founder, Tim McClellan, on the design competition show. We witnessed him not only build some amazing pieces but also how well he performed under pressure.

Throughout the entire series his poise and strength of character was quite remarkable. We have always known that about Tim, but it was great to see it shine through to the world audience. In order to fully exploit Tim’s enormous reserves of talent, we decided to keep the pressure on and create this next challenge. Ha, just kidding, it was his idea.