Western Heritage Furniture

Final Episode – “Raising The Bar”

Raising The Bar - Final EpisodeWhat do you get when you cross seven species of reclaimed wood, forged metal, hand-dyed leather, modern electronics, and the creativity of master craftsman Tim McClellan? Find out in the final episode of Western Heritage Furniture’s two-part Furniture Build-Off! Click here to watch!

There is no shortage of fun here at Western Heritage, and that rings true with every scene we put together in our two part furniture build-off. In the final episode, you’ll see the remaining phases of the build-out, complete with enlightening narratives and interesting back-stories. See how Tim sources the various materials and watch every step of the build as he crafts a very demanding and exciting piece of furniture.

Reclaimed Barnwood Panel for Western Industrial DeskRight in the middle of the build, Tim’s project is put on hold as we find out that he needs to jump in and help the Western Heritage crew with some challenges we faced on a separate project. The additional pressure of delivering a set of furniture in order to make payroll adds to this unique and exciting episode. With all the challenges of running a small business on the side of a mountain, you’ll see why this is Tim’s greatest piece to date. Tim completes the project on time, and shows off all of its many hidden features. Hang on for the final reveal, as you’ll find out why he calls it “Raising the Bar”!