Western Heritage Furniture

Expanding Round Table On A Mega-Yacht

Teak Expanding Round Table The most elaborate and time-consuming piece we have ever created, this book-matched teak Expanding Round Table was built to withstand the harsh elements while cruising the sea aboard the exterior deck of a mega-yacht. It was back to the drawing board for Western Heritage, as we had to re-engineer our original Expanding Round Table design to accommodate rain, wind, ice, seagulls, and the constant shifting present on any seafaring vessel.

Upgrades include 100% stainless steel and milled aluminum components, a custom cabinet base with CURVED teak, marine-grade clear finish (which took no less than 17 coats), and heavy-duty magnets holding the pies in place to prevent movement as the yacht navigates the waves. Without a doubt, this is our most amazing Expanding Round Table yet.

Check out our video of this amazing piece!

Base Bending

Leaf Close-Up

Coating Teak Expanding Round Table