Western Heritage Furniture

Heritage Nightstand, 1 Door & 1 Drawer

Heritage Nightstand, 1 Door & 1 Drawer

The Heritage Nightstand has a refined “cattle baron” charm. Every nightstand comes with your choice of premium panel leather, nail-head accents, hand-forged drawer pulls, and base selections. Soft-touch hardware on the drawer and door come standard for your convenience. Reclaimed wood stock is sorted and graded, piece-by-piece, to ensure that the boards selected for each piece of furniture marry together. Each end table is built by hand; from the milling, to the Mortise and Tenon joints that are carved, to the sanding process. The sanding is also considered an art form; and an important part of the barnwood reclaimation process, retaining character and natural flow of the wood and the grain while, at the same time, creating an extremely smooth, high-end finish.

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