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Carson Executive Desk

Carson Executive Desk

A twin brother to the Cheyenne Desk, the Carson Desk has been one of our most popular desk options. The differentiating detail that sets this piece apart is the use of Milled Ghostwood for the desk’s body. Milled Ghostwood is our top quality reclaimed barnwood that has had the rustic, weathered surface milled back to a smooth surface, exposing the lighter-toned wood beneath. Not to say that this wood is without distinction, as you will still find some nail holes and proof of its former life. Rustic barnwood is used for the pattern in the front privacy panel, giving you a nice contrast of smooth and texture. Durable hand-dyed leather writing pad, heavy duty soft-touch drawer glides, and wrought-iron hardware are just a few of the crowning details that make this desk so special. Let us build this desk specifically for you, with customization options regarding cord control, power options, locking drawers, and much more available.

Also available in 60” x 30” x 30” for smaller spaces.

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