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Western Heritage Furniture

The Expanding Round Table

Originally built for a customer in Wyoming, this was to be a custom, one-of-a-kind, expanding round table that we never thought we would build again. Boy were we wrong.


Design Options and Ordering

To begin the design process, feel free to contact our sales team at (928) 639-1424.
Or click here to fill out a request form. Our team of designers and engineers will work with you to create the most appropriate solution for your space. The price of the Expanding Round Table is based on the following sizes and includes Western Heritage Furniture’s premium reclaimed wood or most domestic hardwoods. You can expect to pay a slightly higher price for additional customization, special sizes, features and exotic hardwoods.



The Expanding Round Table is offered in three standard sizes. We are able to build custom sized tables, but keep in mind that the total expansion of each table is limited to 15 inches.

Seats And Sizing

Click here to fill out an information request form.

Top Options

There are a variety of wood species, milling techniques, patterns, base styles and finish options available to complement your home, business, yacht, etc.

Cherry and Granite

It is always our goal to please every customer who comes to us, and we relish every challenge we’re approached with. This table was one of those challenges! We created a custom design with cherry wood in a chevron pattern and granite inlay, not an easy task but the final product was worth all the hard work and effort!
Click here to see more images of our Cherry and Granite expanding round table!


Walnut and Burl

Fresh design is something we strive to achieve, and this walnut and burl table is no exception to that endeavor! We went all out on this custom designed table, and our high-tech equipment allowed us to create the maple inlay design that accents the edges of this beautiful piece with ease. Have an idea of your own? Let us know, we would love to work with you on your design ideas!
Click here to see more images of our Walnut and Burl expanding round table!

Teak Expanding Round Table 6

Quarter-Sawn Teak

As one of our most striking visual designs, the bookmatched quarter-sawn teak Expanding Round Table gives off the illusion of a singe slab with grain bursting from the center. This exquisite manipulation of the wood grains conveniently hides the seams of each pie, which compounds upon the allure of the expansion capabilities. The use of teak combined with a durable waterproof finish makes this amazing wooden table suitable for outdoor and marine environments.
Click here to see more images of our Teak expanding round table!

Expanding Round Table with Plank Top


Never to be out-done by its highly design-centric counterparts, the simplicity of the plank top allows the form and function of our Expanding Round Table to take center stage. Available in a variety of stains and finishes, this design offers the largest amount of flexibility to accommodate your setting.
Click here to see more images of our Plank expanding round table!

Cherry and Walnut

Alternating Cherry and Walnut

The highly pronounced contrast between the cherry and walnut fletchings define the character of this exquisite design. This is a very popular design, as a variety of color combinations can be deduced from this alternating wood species pattern. Fold in the leaves for a dramatic change in the visual effect.
Click here to see more images of our Cherry and Walnut expanding round table!

Reclaimed Cherry Expanding Round Table

Reclaimed Cherry

This design incorporates salvaged rough-sawn cherry wood with our popular “chevron” pattern. Our cherry is unique because it was milled some sixty years ago on land purportedly owned by Johnny Cash. We don’t know what Mr. Cash might have had in store for this beautiful wood, but the remaining supply is dwindling. If you have a desire to own a masterpiece built from the Man in Black’s stash of select cherry wood, act fast before it’s gone forever!
Click here to see more images of our Reclaimed Cherry expanding round table!

Barnwood Expanding Round Table


The original and still most popular wood choice for our Expanding Round Table is our reclaimed barnwood, or “Ghostwood”, as we call it. Our unique wood-grading process allows us to incorporate a variety of specific colorations and character marks to create a design full of contrast and depth. Smooth to the touch and highly protected because of our proprietary restoration process, this table will continue to impress for generations.
Click here to see more images of our Ghostwood expanding round table!

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Base Options

Choose from any one of the following bases to support your Expanding Round Table:

Expanding Round Table - Caporaso Base
Expanding Round Table - Bulb Base
Expanding Round Table - Corbel Base


Expanding Round Table - Barrel Base
Expanding Round Table - Column Base

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Delivery & Installation

expanded-round-table-working-5 There is currently a growing waiting list for the Expandable Round Table. A 50% deposit is required to secure your place in line and begin production. The balance is due upon shipping.

The preferred method of delivery is to let us bring it to you. A Western Heritage Furniture expert will schedule a time to come to your location, deliver and install the table, and teach you how to assemble, operate, and care for your investment. Delivery and installation are not included in the price of the Expanding Round Table. Expanding Round Tables can be shipped internationally.

If you can dream it, we can build it. Visit our Pinterest Gallery for some examples of what other folks have done, or drop us a line to chat about the possibilities for your table.

Do you have questions about the Expanding Round Table? Would you like a custom quote?

Call us at (928) 639-1424 or start the conversation below:




Questions or comments


Interpretation of a 200 Year Old Design

picture of reclaimed wood round table topWestern Heritage Furniture’s version of the Expanding Round Table was actually inspired by a nearly 200 year old design, patented by Robert Jupe in 1835. While we are certainly not the only furniture company making expandable tables today, we pride ourselves on the fact that we build each one, by hand, in our shop in Jerome, AZ.

One Person, Manual Operation

The table top spins on a simple “lazy Susan” style substructure, allowing you to rotate the table so the leaves can be easily extended or pushed back into place without having to walk around any chairs or other obstacles. This also comes in handy when you want to sample someone else’s dish from across the table. Engage the locking mechanism underneath to prevent the tabletop from spinning.


Tim works on the Expanding Round Table The Expandable Round Table from Western Heritage Furniture is truly a wonderful mixture of craftsmanship, ingenuity and creativity. Every table is made-to-order, one at a time, and customized to your specifications.

Completing a table of this magnitude takes our top craftsmen over two months to complete. Each table is comprised of eight pies, sixteen panels for the eight leafs, a cabinet which stores the leaves, a turret which the table spins on, and a base, which there are several designs to choose from. With so many moving parts, each component requires a high amount of precision and attention to detail in order for the table to operate smoothly. Expanding Round Table Construction

Each Expanding Round Table we build offers different challenges. From utilizing exotic hardwoods and granite inlays to stainless steel parts and milled aluminum, no two Expanding Round Tables are the same. In addition, we are continuously improving and enhancing our design in our quest to master the nuances of this functional masterpiece. Like every piece of furniture built at Western Heritage, we put quality before anything else, with all of the components made by hand right here at our factory in Jerome, Arizona.