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Western Heritage Furniture

Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture - The Western Heritage Furniture Story

Form vs. Function – The Western Heritage Story

Ellen DeGeneres and Tim McClellanTim McClellan grew up in the woods of West Virginia and has always been fascinated with the way nature combines a perfect balance of form and function. The theory of “Survival of the fittest” demands any organism adapt to its environment or perish. With this in mind, logic leads to a world devoid of any beauty (form) not expressly needed for continued existence, a world driven only by survival (function). Yet this is not the case, quite the opposite is true. Nature marries these two roles, form and function, together into a tapestry of perfect harmony. Designing and combining the most beautiful and the most practical creations on Earth.

Tim is driven by these same ideals.

He moved out West in 1989 to follow a childhood dream; to build a life in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. In 1992, Western Heritage was born with the dream of transforming unwanted, discarded wood into heirloom quality furniture.

Way More Than Just a Barnwood Furniture Company. We are a family.

Gymnasium turned furniture factory

In 1994, Tim McClellan took over the old 14,000 square foot Mingus Union High School gymnasium in Jerome, Arizona, and opened Western Heritage Furniture. The high school was closed in 1972, when it was moved from Jerome to nearby Cottonwood. Much like the furniture created there, the building itself has been repurposed into a new identity. The Mingus Marauder’s giant pirate mascot still looks over the wood shop with menacing eyes and sword.

What started out as a one-man-show has evolved into an extraordinary crew of craftsmen and characters, an eclectic mix of artists, visionaries, environmentalists and patriots. We are thankful we live in this great country and feel quite blessed to have a home here at Western Heritage. Truth is, our company is so much more than just a place to come to work; we’re a family.

Green Before It Was “Cool”

Jerome, Arizona

Sustainable furniture is not exactly a new idea. Americans have refinished, re-used, re-purposed and created furniture from salvaged materials for centuries. Each piece within the Western Heritage Furniture Collection has a unique patina ranging from rich grays to hints of orange and deep rust. Western Heritage Furniture Collection is an innovative blend of reclaimed, weathered wood fused with regionally harvested solid woods.

Tomorrow’s Antiques Today

Much like the early settlers who built the structures that we are reclaiming, Western Heritage Furniture is an industry pioneer. Craftsmanship is not a catchword here at Western Heritage Furniture, but the very heart of why we do what we do. We are dedicated to preserving some of the oldest traditions of handmade furniture using recycled barn wood. Like good leather and fine wine our furniture is designed to grow better, more beautiful—and more comfortable—with age.

Old barns seem to embody the entire essence of “Moving out West”.

Western Heritage crafts furniture from beautifully weathered barn wood that has been salvaged from old structures all across the United States. Iconic remnants of an American way of life, these old barns, buildings and homes provide a source of reclaimed wood that makes up most of the material that goes into our furniture.

Many of this nations old buildings are collapsing, are being bulldozed, and one by one, disappearing into anonymity. But we like to look at it as more than just reclaiming an old barn or structure. We like to think we are preserving a piece of American history. When these beauties fall into oblivion, so does a portion of our past. Many of these structures stood for more than a century during an eventful time in America. From train robberies to movies stars – we are always amazed at the stories the barn owners tell us when we procure these old structures. We just turn over a bucket, sit down and get an earful of the true American saga.

Mother Nature’s Fingerprints

There is so much that goes into our reclaimed barn wood furniture. The unique characteristics of notches, ax marks, nail holes and cracks give the wood a beauty in its own right. It’s like there is a living energy inside our Ghostwood that you just don’t find in today’s milled lumber.

Our Barnwood Process

Our wood doesn’t grow on trees. Check out our process for reclaiming barnwood.