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Jerome, Arizona

About Western Heritage Furniture

Way More Than Just a Barnwood Furniture Company. We are a family. An eclectic mix of skilled craftsmen, artists, visionaries, environmentalists and patriots. Most of us are happy to come to work. Some of us don’t want to leave. If you ever drive by The Old Jerome High School on a Sunday, there will most likely be someone here.

Barnwood Reclamation CrewRumor has it, we’re having way too much fun up here on the hill. Truth is, Western Heritage is so much more than just a place to come to work; we’re a family. We work together. Drink beer together. Our kids play together.

We’re an enterprising group of movers and shakers that still can’t believe that we get to make a living doing what we love to do. We bring our unique experiences, our talents and varied backgrounds with us — and it shows in our furniture.

Green Before It Was “Cool”

Sustainable furniture is not exactly a new idea. Americans have refinished, re-used, re-purposed and created furniture from weathered old wood for centuries. Each piece within the Western Heritage Furniture Collection has a unique patina ranging from rich grays to hints of orange and deep rust. Western Heritage Furniture Collection is an innovative blend of reclaimed, weathered barnwood fused with regionally harvested solid woods.

Tomorrow’s Antiques Today

Much like the early settlers who built the structures that we are reclaiming, Western Heritage Furniture is an industry pioneer. Craftsmanship is no catchword here at Western Heritage Furniture, but the very heart of what we create. We are dedicated to preserving some of the oldest traditions of handmade furniture using reclaimed barnwood. Our furniture is designed to grow more beautiful—and more comfortable—with age.

Our Barnwood Process

Our wood doesn’t grow on trees. Check out our process for reclaiming barnwood.

Latest Videos

Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture - Expanding Round TableWe love videos here at WHF. We have a blast shooting them and they’re more fun than reading, so here is a list all of our latest videos featuring our latest creations, unique custom pieces and other random stories.

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Tim and his Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture