Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture by Western Heritage

Western Heritage Furniture is a pioneer in building heirloom-quality reclaimed barnwood furniture, refined wood tables, custom home furnishings, farmhouse dining tables, rustic bedroom suites, and other handcrafted western furniture. View our collections…

Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture - Old Barnwood Drawing

Recycling American Barns for over Twenty Years

Founded by master craftsman Tim McClellan in 1991, Western Heritage Furniture creates handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality wood furniture from reclaimed barnwood and other historic structures that have been around for more than a century. Our intent is to make beautiful rustic furniture that is around for many more centuries to come.

We’re not just making barnwood furniture for you, we’re making it for your grandkids’ grandkids. We can achieve this by using age-old woodworking techniques that you would be hard-pressed to find in many production wood shops today. >> Our Process

Building Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture in Jerome, ArizonaOur Story
Tim McClellan grew up in the woods of West Virginia and has always been fascinated with the way nature combines a perfect balance of form and function. The theory of “Survival of the fittest” demands any organism adapt to its environment or perish.>> Read More

Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture - Expanding Round Table

Introducing the Expanding Round Table
Originally built for a customer in Wyoming, this reclaimed barnwood dining table was to be a custom, one of a kind, expanding round table that we never thought we would build again. Boy were we wrong.  >> Read More

Latest News

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Furniture Build-Off!

It’s finally here folks! The 1st Episode of “Tim’s Western Heritage Furniture Build-off”. A seventh all new challenge: to design and build a one-of-a-kind piece that captures, in its entirety, Tim’s experience on the show. From concept to creation of … Continue reading

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Tim’s Newest Challenge

What was supposed to be a quick video about a new piece quickly morphed into a humorous multi-episode amateur production. Mind you, we’re not the best filmmakers in the world, and our budget is around zero dollars, but we thought … Continue reading

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Our BIGGEST Expanding Round Table

It’s hard to see the three months of blood, sweat and tears soaked into each pie, but the boys are mighty proud of this one. It’s a couple inches wider than our largest Expanding Round, built with carefully selected quarter-sawn … Continue reading

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Ellen’s debut comes with a Week 3 win for Tim McClellan

Ellen DeGeneres makes her first appearance on her namesake show, Ellen’s Design Challenge. She surprises everyone and helps judge the dining table competition, where each contestant selects a chair to use as inspiration for the design. Tim steps out of … Continue reading

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Tim’s bar building skills get him through to Episode 3!

Episode Two of Ellen’s Design Challenge is in the books! The competition is heating up with some amazing furniture designs coming from all of the contestants. Tim’s bar featured an illusion butcher block, bottle and glass storage, hidden drawers, and … Continue reading


~ Featured Products ~

Reclaimed Barnwood Queen Bed Diamondback Pattern

Ghostwood Bed

Reclaimed Barnwood Presidential Desk Copper Front

Presidential Desk

Reclaimed Barnwood Writing Desk with Bartlett Legs

Ghostwood Writing Desk

Reclaimed Barnwood Poker Table

Ghostwood Poker Table

Reclaimed Barnwood Heritage TV Console

Heritage TV Pop-Up

Reclaimed Barnwood Heritage Nightstand

Heritage Nightstand, 1 Door & 1 Drawer