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Reclaimed Wood Furniture by Western Heritage

Western Heritage Furniture is the premier builder of hand-made reclaimed wood furniture. Located in the charming historic town of Jerome, Arizona, we maintain a small workshop that continuously crafts one-of-a-kind heirloom quality masterpieces that last generations. Our efforts to reclaim American relics and hand-craft them into functional works of art has evolved into an entire collection of unique designs and concepts that have birthed an industry and elegantly bridged the gap from the highly refined to the weathered and rustic. View our collections…

Reclaimed Wood Furniture - Old Barnwood Drawing

Recycling American Barns for over Twenty Years

Founded by master craftsman Tim McClellan in 1991, Western Heritage Furniture creates handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality wood furniture from reclaimed barn wood and other historic structures that have been around for more than a century. Our intent is to make beautiful rustic furniture that is around for many more centuries to come.

We’re not just making barn wood furniture for you, we’re making it for your grandkids’ grandkids. We can achieve this by using age-old woodworking techniques that you would be hard-pressed to find in many production wood shops today. >>Our Process

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Signature Cocktail Table
Reclaimed Wood furniture Ghostwood Gathering Table
Reclaimed Wood End Table With Drawer
Reclaimed Wood Credenza
Reclaimed Wood Square Cocktail Table
Reclaimed Wood Buffet
“This is the most beautiful and well constructed furniture we have ever seen, certainly heirloom quality.”
– Tom & Joan Skoro

~ Collections ~

Western Heritage Furniture


Ghostwood Collection

This collection was inspired not only by the ghost spirits of the pioneers who first harvested and used these timbers in the construction of the buildings that sheltered them and their livestock, but also by the ghosts of the virgin forest from which these mighty trees were felled.

Western Heritage Furniture


Signature Collection

This line of exquisite furniture is design driven with a focus on extraordinary hand selected materials. We grade our reclaimed boards and cull the most intriguing and exotic ones to be set-aside for the Signature Collection. Unique to these Signature pieces are the hand forged iron bases, certificate of authenticity, and each one is signed by Tim McClellan.

Western Heritage Furniture


Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection marries the character and beauty of reclaimed wood, with hand-dyed saddle leather and steel. These true western elements, combined with our renowned craftsmanship, makes the Heritage Collection a leading example of American-made quality.

Western Heritage Furniture


Presidential Collection

Constructed from copper, nickel, iron, leather, and wood from seven species, the Presidential Collection embraces all that is America’s finest, with historical symbolism emanating from every element, representing a metaphorical timeline of America’s heritage.

Western Heritage Furniture


Teton Collection

Inspired by the grandeur and presence of the Teton Mountains in western Wyoming, this collection earns its name. Not only are these pieces massive and beautiful, but each one has more parts than there are bones in the human body.

Western Heritage Furniture


Door & Entry Collection

The door is the most important architectural element of any home, which is why Western Heritage Furniture takes pride in offering unique, handcrafted custom wood doors. Visible from the exterior and interior, your door has the potential to define a space like no other.

~ The Tim McClellan Collection ~

Testaments to the harmony of form and function, the monumental reclaimed wooden furniture pieces selected for the Tim McClellan collection represent Tim’s passion, experience, ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Western Heritage Furniture


Western Industrial Desk

This exquisite Presidential Curved Desk challenges fundamentals of popular design by effectively marrying characteristically divergent styles and materials into the harmonious union, made more extraordinary by three hidden bars, pistol holders, and finger-activated scanners. Built in the old copper mining town of Jerome, Arizona, this desk combines materials representative of the complex variety of reclaimed barn woods, exotic hardwoods, unique metalwork and Western Heritage style the company has become recognized for worldwide.

Western Heritage Furniture


Reclaimed Wood Pool Table

The design of this pool table is based on elements from our Teton Collection of Furniture. Inspired by the grandeur and beauty of the Teton Mountains in western Wyoming, this pool table has a massive presence. “Leather paneling and copper inserts balance the aged, crevassed wood with a touch of rugged elegance, for a piece that is ancient, dignified, and distinctly Western. But the strongest similarity between the table and the natural wonder that inspired it is its overwhelming presence. McClellan’s creation commands about as much attention when you enter the room as the Grand Tetons do when you stand before them.” (Cowboys & Indians magazine, July 2010)

Western Heritage Furniture


Expanding Round Table

Striking a beautiful balance between heritage and innovation, our expanding round table remains one of our best sellers. Designed with simplicity in mind, this expanding round table can be expanded and closed by a single, stationary individual. And no more trips to the closet to store the expansion leaves; we designed ours to fold into the table for time saving and convenient storage

~ Custom Collection ~

reclaimed barn wood custom modern table
reclaimed barn wood custom drop-leaf table closed
reclaimed barn wood custom mingus cocktail table
reclaimed barn wood custom radius desk
reclaimed barn wood custom drop-leaf table open
reclaimed barn wood custom conference table
reclaimed barn wood furniture expanding round table
reclaimed barn wood custom dining table
reclaimed barn wood furniture herringbone thumbnail
reclaimed barn wood custom cocktail table
reclaimed barn wood custom expanding table
reclaimed barn wood whatchamacallit
“And after nuclear wars, the only things that will survive are cockroaches, Keith Richards, and Western Heritage Furniture.”
– Carman H.

~ It’s in the Details ~

Reclaimed wood Furniture - cutting edge technology

Cutting Edge Technology

We embrace a symbiotic relationship between the old and new. While our furniture will always be built using time-tested hand-made construction techniques, we also know that advantages can be achieved by utilizing modern technology. Our engineers push the limits of furniture design through the use of 3D rendering software, and we test these new concepts with our own 3D printer.

Reclaimed wood Furniture - hidden compartments

Hidden Compartments

What started as a gimmick has ended up as a revolution. As craftsmen, we enjoy building seemingly benign pieces of furniture that transform right before your eyes. We maintain several product lines that incorporate hidden storage and undetected features. Any desk, table, bookcase, or even chair for that matter, can be altered to include secret compartments. And don’t worry, your secret will be safe with us.

Reclaimed wood Furniture - hi tech security

Hi-Tech Security

Another area we are pioneering, is integrating hi-tech security with reclaimed wood furniture. We have incorporated many hidden drawers and compartments over the years, but we wanted to take it a step further. Using technology like fingerprint scanners, you can now rest easy knowing your most important items are locked away safe in your Western Heritage Furniture.

Reclaimed wood Furniture - expanding round table center

Engineering & Design

Let us successfully turn your vision into a reality, by allowing our expert team of engineers and designers to participate in the planning, drafting and modeling of your ideas before we send them to the shop floor. With decades of drafting and engineering experience, our designs continually push the envelope of what we know as wooden furniture. Three dimensional mock-ups, animated fly-throughs and 3D printed models are all tools we can employ in order to properly convey our solutions to you.

Reclaimed wood Furniture - radius buck image


Much like the early settlers who built the structures that we are reclaiming, Western Heritage Furniture is an industry pioneer. Craftsmanship is no catchword here at Western Heritage Furniture, but the very heart of what we create. We are dedicated to preserving some of the oldest traditions of handmade furniture, while also continuing to innovate using proprietary techniques developed over 20 years through trial and error.

Reclaimed wood Furniture - hand using handheld tablet

Modern Technology

Paramount to our ability to operate in this fashion are the competitive advantages we maintain in the form of modern technology. Between the internal software platforms we developed, tablet-enabled work benches, cutting edge communication systems and our new 3D printer, we’d like to think we’re the most technologically advanced eight-person woodshop this side of the Pecos. Don’t let our inclination to efficiency fool you…never will we cut corners in our production. Our products are, and always will be, crafted one at time, by hand, using the same time-tested techniques we have employed for decades.

Reclaimed wood Furniture - old wood nail image

~ Our Materials ~

Reclaimed wood Furniture - reclaimed barn wood

Reclaimed Wood

The heart and soul of Western Heritage Furniture is extending the life of our country’s resources by reclaiming old structures and restoring the character-infused wood. Reclaiming wood allows us to forego using large amounts of “new” wood, which relies heavily on continuous deforestation. We seek out old wooden structures that have already served their purpose, often for more than a century. Through our proprietary grading and restoration processes, we rejuvenate these American relics into masterful works of living art, providing a new purpose that will serve for generations to come.

Reclaimed wood Furniture - leather


A testament to the old west, the life of the cowboy centered around a single commodity that we tastefully incorporate into our products. Various applications of hand-dyed leather panels, straps and back-plates can be seen throughout our lines of furniture. An elegant way to augment any design, we can incorporate our leather options into any project you’d like us to build.

Reclaimed wood Furniture - copper

Proprietary Copper Techniques

The historical town of Jerome, Arizona is well known as a copper boom town. The now-dormant mines that lay below our feet provided the majority of copper used in the original electrical infrastructure that brought energy to the first homes in America in the early 20th century. As a tribute to our local heritage, Western Heritage began experimenting with copper elements early on. We now have several proprietary implementations of this versatile ore that can be seen throughout our collections, most notably in our Teton Collection.

Reclaimed wood Furniture - hand-forged metal

Hand-Forged Metal

Throughout our various collections you will find homemade hardware baring the tell-tale marks of hand-forged metal work. Never is the observer closer to the artist than when able to see every swing of the hammer.

Reclaimed wood Furniture - exotic hardwood

Exotic Hardwood

Not to be outdone by the elderly reclaimed timber that we consume, our offerings would not be complete without the incorporation of fine exotic hardwoods. Any one of our designs can be altered to utilize the various woods of the world, as seen by our implementations of walnut, cherry, teak, rosewood, mesquite, redwood, maple and many others beyond our staple of reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood Furniture - old wood nail image

~ Our History ~

Reclaimed wood Furniture - tim mcclellan

Tim McClellan

Tim McClellan’s furniture has been featured in numerous magazines and publications as well as the beautiful coffee table book, Contemporary Western Design by Thea Marx. He is a world-class designer as well as a captivating storyteller, believing that each creation has a story to be told. After a show-stealing performance on Ellen Degeneres’ new show, “Ellen’s Design Challenge” on HGTV this January, Tim is now in talks with production companies to bring his story telling and creative passion to the world.

Reclaimed wood Furniture - reclaiming barns

Reclaiming America

With so many of the slash-and-burn piles that we once used, being harder and harder to find, our wood is now reclaimed from old structures – mainly the iconic American barn – as well as old railroad cars, mail-order homes from the late 1800’s, and other historical buildings. These structural stallions originally housed livestock or stored grain that was hoisted up to the top rafters by block and tackle pulleys.

Reclaimed wood Furniture - green living

Green Living

While dedicated to salvaging Americana to serve as the raw materials for our products, Western Heritage’s devotion to environmental stewardship doesn’t end there. We immerse ourselves in a culture of sustainability. Our commitment to the environment, community, health and volunteerism runs deep, from donating our time and resources to the community, employing environmentally friendly business practices, making our own bio-diesel to fuel our delivery trucks, and giving all our scrap wood to local artists. We uphold this commitment in every decision we make.

Reclaimed wood Furniture - our factory

Our Factory

Our Factory was once the gymnasium of the Old Jerome High School, built nearly one hundred years ago in the heyday of the mining operations. It shut down in the mid-70’s, as the fleeting population had no use for such a large school. In the early 90’s, our budding furniture company was looking for a new home, and found it in a corner of the old gymnasium. Several successful years later, the entire gym floor had been consumed by our woodshop. Keen not to grow out of our magical space, every piece of Western Heritage Furniture is still made right here, on the original basketball court. We love visitors, so please come on up the hill and let us share with you the history and magic that is the Old Jerome High School.

Reclaimed wood Furniture - Town of Jerome

Town of Jerome

Founded in 1876, Jerome was once known as the wickedest town in the west. During their peak production years, the mines in Jerome produced an astonishing 3 million pounds of copper per month. Men and women from all over the world came seeking their fortunes, hoping to strike it rich in this brave new world. But when the mines shut down in the 1950’s, all but a handful of people packed their belongs and moved away, and America’s most vertical city became America’s largest ghost town. Today, it thrives as a tourist attraction, and has been home to Western Heritage Furniture since its founding by Tim McClellan, in 1991.

Reclaimed wood Furniture - custom projects

Custom Furniture

Here at Western Heritage Furniture we are committed to creating and delivering inspiring pieces of furniture that warm your heart and touch your soul. Building against our vast catalog of designs certainly accomplishes these goals, but often we are asked to go beyond the standard and into the boundless realm of our creativity. This is where we shine. Our team of designers and engineers can tackle any challenge and assure that neither the design nor structural integrity are compromised while crafting even the most complex of projects. Throughout the decades we have built thousands of custom pieces, and have captured many of them on camera. As a well of inspiration, we enjoy sharing these successes with you in our Custom Furniture Gallery.

“Your craftsmanship is exemplary and you always made me feel confident throughout the fabrication process. We will have many wonderful gatherings around this table and when we do we’ll give a toast to you!” – Linda

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Expanding Round Table On A Mega-Yacht

The most elaborate and time-consuming piece we have ever created, this book-matched teak Expanding Round Table was built to withstand the harsh elements while cruising the sea aboard the exterior deck of a mega-yacht. It was back to the drawing … Continue reading

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We Built A Velociraptor Case!

There is never a dull moment at Western Heritage! This was evident when we were approached by an American fossil collector to build custom display case for his prized possessions. We thought our reclaimed barnwood was old…it’s not nearly as … Continue reading

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The Western Industrial Presidential Desk is Born

“Raising the Bar” Renowned designer Tim McClellan, creator of Western Heritage Furniture, challenges fundamentals of popular design by effectively marrying characteristically divergent styles and materials into the harmonious union of this exquisite Presidential Curved Desk, made more extraordinary by three … Continue reading

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Final Episode – “Raising The Bar”

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~ Featured Products ~

Western Heritage Furniture

Expanding Round Table

This table top spins on a simple “lazy Susan” style substructure, allowing you to rotate the table so the leaves can be easily extended or pushed back into place without having to walk around any chairs or other obstacles.
Western Heritage Furniture

Ghostwood Bed

A gorgeous marriage of new, stained alder and rustic, reclaimed barnwood, the Ghostwood Bed is a pretty great place to rest your head at the end of the day.
Western Heritage Furniture

Presidential Desk

This exquisite piece is made from solid American Cherry, premium reclaimed wood panels, hand-crafted copper paneling, and custom dyed leather accents.
Western Heritage Furniture

Ghostwood Writing Desk

Big style and functionality for your not-so-big space. Our rustic writing desk is built from reclaimed lumber, from structures that are over 100 years old.
Western Heritage Furniture

Ghostwood Poker Table

Dinner time or game time, this Poker table has you covered! The center panel of this premium reclaimed barnwood table reverses to a felt game table pad.
Western Heritage Furniture

Heritage TV Pop-Up

The reclaimed barnwood Heritage TV-Pop up is the perfect solution for those who would prefer to make the TV just go away with the push of a button.

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